Saturday, December 3, 2011


                                          Hello! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys:(. Things have been very busy, I have been caught up with school and pets ect. Well anyways life is dull, the garden has died and green tomatoes are in abundance. Oh I wanted to tell you, google green tomato cake. It may seem horribly disgusting and the recipe may seem VERY unhealthy, (2 sticks of butter, 2 cups of sugar) but making it healthy and delicious is a piece of cake (literally!!! :D). First of all green tomatoes have absolutely no flavor and sugar added to butter makes a certain texture ( as I'm sure all you bakers know) but all you have to do to replace the fatty ingredients is to put one bottle of blue agave syrup from Trader Joe's. I totally swear by it, it is the helthiest and best thing I have ever used in baking. I also made my own recipe, almond meal cupcakes Mmmm Mmmmm delicious! well anyways there aren't radishes in winter so au revior, ciao, aloha, arrivederci, goodbye!!! 

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