Saturday, December 3, 2011


                                          Hello! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys:(. Things have been very busy, I have been caught up with school and pets ect. Well anyways life is dull, the garden has died and green tomatoes are in abundance. Oh I wanted to tell you, google green tomato cake. It may seem horribly disgusting and the recipe may seem VERY unhealthy, (2 sticks of butter, 2 cups of sugar) but making it healthy and delicious is a piece of cake (literally!!! :D). First of all green tomatoes have absolutely no flavor and sugar added to butter makes a certain texture ( as I'm sure all you bakers know) but all you have to do to replace the fatty ingredients is to put one bottle of blue agave syrup from Trader Joe's. I totally swear by it, it is the helthiest and best thing I have ever used in baking. I also made my own recipe, almond meal cupcakes Mmmm Mmmmm delicious! well anyways there aren't radishes in winter so au revior, ciao, aloha, arrivederci, goodbye!!! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomato Time

             Hey there! Sorry that I haven't been blogging, summer vacation and school have really tied me up, but the garden has been growing great and our little paradise is blossoming. Recently picked tomatoes are the best thing to curb hunger and that sweet crave. All kinds of tomatoes have grown here, mr. stripeys, striped green tomatoes, brandywines, roma's, black cherokees ect. These pictures show our recent harvest including homegrown corn, cucumbers, and melons. Today I am giong to share my own made up recipe for roasted cherry tomatoes ( this also works for normal ones too but the cherrys get really crispy).

                                                          Roasted cherry tomatoes

                                                              what you will need
                                                          1 bowlful of cherry tomatoes
                                                                1\4 of a cup olive oil
                                                              2 tablespoons of butter
                                                                     salt and pepper
                                                                3 cloves of garlic
one small steak knife
   a baking sheet
parchment paper
a small pan

                                                            step 1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees.
                                                            step 2. Place parchment paper on the baking sheet.
                                                            step 3. Slice all tomatoes in half ( if using larger tomatoes slice
                                                            into thin pieces). Put all tomatoes on the sheet.
                                                            step 4. In the small pan pour simmer the olive oil. Proceed to
                                                            place the butter in the pan along with the salt and pepper and the
                                                            step 5. Heat until all the garlic has floated to the top of the liquid.
                                                            step 6. Pour the mixture over top the tomatoes and place them in
                                                            the oven. Bake for three hours.
                                                            step 7. After the process of baking pull out and enjoy with
                                                            spagetti, pizza, capresa salad ect.

                                                               Enjoy, see you next time!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Secret Garden

You know how I said the garden was buzzing with life? Well now I have proof of that statement! beautiful, beautiful,beautiful. Have you ever seen anything so quiet and quaint? It is so beautiful I believe that I must be in the garden of Eden or Misselthwaite mansion! Just imagine the sounds the scenery and of course the sqwaking of the chickens. Well toodles see you next time!

Cat Cutie!

Oh my goodness my cat is the cutest most funniest thing ever! last night he was eating watermelon, a cat eating watermelon! Isn't he to die for? He is such a sweetie pie the most adorable and sincere pet I have ever seen. He is so much like a human it is unreal! Mouse is a funny name for a cat don't you think? well anyways I will tell you the story of how he got to be named. When my dad got home that day I wondered  what this little feline would be like. when he got out of the car he was so scared he bolted into the bushes ( it took a long time to get him out of there) and when my family asked me what I would name him I said mouse. He has grown to be less scared than he was but he still gets nervous around strangers. Well toodles just thought you would wanna hear a story.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Girl

Hey you guys! The garden is blooming and buzzing with life it has never been better! I just wanted to let you know that I am definetly not Anita she so happens to be my awesome full of life mom, I could never wish for better. my name is Samantha Zoller and since my mom has another blog to work on since her upholstery career. if you want to check this cool site out feel free to do so. We currently have no pics of the beautiful garden but i can assure you it is amazing!

Barren Chickens!

                           Aloha! Our chickens are barely laying eggs! whats up with that? well anyway the problem is that I have some freinds that have three chickens and they lay dozens of eggs at a time! We have five chickens and only one laying eggs! We would appreciate that if you came up with something , ANYTHING that you told us your idea! Well toodles!

Monday, April 4, 2011

king of spring

Who takes a four month hiatus from blogging? Me! My reasons are as follows.....
1. I am still deciding whether or not I actually have the time/inclination to follow through (off to a really bad start you say!)
2. More projects have consumed our lives in the past few months than I thought possible
3. It was still winter!
But now- temperatures in the high 60's, low 70"s, sunny blue skies, and it is time to crawl out of our comfort zone and BEGIN!

So a few projects are unfolding....
The tiller has been fixed and the beds have been turned under.
The chickens have been unleashed on the bug population in the beds, while adding to the fertilizer.
Approximately one ton of aged manure has been transferred and worked in to the beds (primarily by the 12 year old minion who lives here)

And so, the planting has begun in earnest! We have laid down radishes, lettuces and we have some volunteer goodies reappearing. The cilantro is out of this world!

Aforementioned minion appears here!